Terry Hui
Concord Pacific Group

Terry Hui / Concord Pacific CEO

Terry Hui is a Canadian businessman and philanthropist. 

He is the President and CEO of Concord Pacific‎ Developments Inc., a community builder credited with building the southern skyline of Vancouver’s downtown on the former Expo 86 Lands.  He is also noted for redefining the Toronto skyline with the development of the rail lands adjacent to the CN Tower in Toronto. Concord has expanded over the past three decades with master-plans and signature developments across Canada, US and UK. The group’s business interests include companies in green energy, telecommunications, software, and real estate investment management. Mr. Hui is also active in various venture capital investments.

Mr. Hui is an UN Global Citizens Laureate honouree, a recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and the Rix Award for Engaged Community Citizenship. He also represented Canada on the Business Advisory Council to APEC and served on the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council on Asia-Pacific. A current Director of the Metro Vancouver Board of Trade, Mr. Hui holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from UC Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Terry Hui’s First Notable Achievements for Concord Pacific:

  • built the first fibre community, introducing the fastest internet in Canada
  • received the first license to operate a competing cable and internet company in an incumbent licensed area, thereby creating the 4th wireless carrier in Canada
  • was the first company to build a full EV quick-charge parkade in a high-rise tower in North America
  • was the first developer in North America to create BioSpace systems to control air and minimize touch points for healthier office and residential towers
  • has created the largest private public art program in Canada; and
  • has developed enough Canadian solar, wind and hydro-electric power projects to supply green power equal to the consumption in all its developments

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